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How to add the Sharepoint integration to Workshop

If your Workshop plan allows, follow the instructions below to enable email cross-posting to Sharepoint.

1. Within the "Manage" tab,  select "Apps" from the drop down.

2. Find and click on the Sharepoint app in our app directory and select "Add App."

4. You will be redirected to the "Manage" tab, which shows you your company's Sharepoint API Key and your delivery channels.

5. Each delivery channel is a separate feed of updates. Select which channel you want an update to be sent to in the composer.

6. Navigate to your SharePoint instance and find the Sharepoint Store.

7. Search for "Workshop" and click the Workshop web part, then select Add.

8. Navigate to a page where you would like to add a Workshop update feed and go to edit mode.

9. Open the "add" modal and select "Workshop."

10. Click "edit WebPart" (the pencil icon to the left of the web part) to open the Properties pane.

The properties pane is where you'll configure the web part to determine which updates display for those that access this Sharepoint page. You can change the title displayed at the top of the web part as well as the maximum number of updates to display in the feed (between 1 and 5 updates).

11. Paste in your API Key from the Sharepoint Manage tab in Workshop and then select one of your channels. 

12. Your web part is now configured to display only the updates that you send the selected channel.

Does your web part look like this?

If so, this means there have not been any updates sent to your selected Sharepoint channel. To display a message here, select Sharepoint from your Additional Notification Channels within the Settings section of your email draft.