Can I send emails to people outside of my organization using Workshop?

Workshop is a powerful internal email communication platform that helps you create, send and analyze engagement data with ease. This article shares why Workshop is best used for internal communications.

When you become a Workshop customer (woo hoo!), we work with you on the technical setup to ensure email deliverability from your organization's sending  domain - basically everything in your work email address that comes after the @ symbol (ex: Doing this work means your internal emails will be flawlessly delivered to your employees' inboxes (no spam filtering!), and will look great when they are delivered.

Workshop differs from other email platforms like MailChimp, Klayvio and Constant Contact as they're intended for external, mass marketing campaigns. They are great tools for reaching broad audiences, but since you're communicating with your employees and stakeholders, it's critical that you have control over the final product - how it gets delivered and how it shows up in their inboxes. 

Occasionally, you may need to send an email to people outside your organization, or someone else without a company email address. You can send emails to those individuals with Workshop; here are a few things to consider first:

  • Your recipient's email provider may classify your email as Spam, and not deliver directly to their inbox. 
  • Following CAN-SPAM laws, if you're sending a mass email to recipients outside of your organization, it's legally required to allow recipients to unsubscribe/opt out of those emails. Since Workshop is an internal email comms platform, unsubscribing is not an offered feature. 
  • Some email clients block or flag messages that looks like a mass marketed message, so your email may not be viewed as you've designed it, and may not track engagement data correctly. 
  • Workshop contracts are created with your organization's total contacts in mind. Adding a large group of non-employee contacts counts towards your total contracted recipients. 

If you have questions about sending emails to recipients outside of your organization, get in touch - we're here to help!