How to connect UKG to Workshop

This article will outline the fields and permissions required to complete a UKG API sync within Workshop

  • Workshop requires a service account to sync with UKG Pro.
  • Workshop needs the Customer API Key and the service endpoint URL which can be found on the Web Services Tab of UKG Configuration


Permissions - UKG Pro service account must have

  • "View" role for the "Personnel Integration" Web Service

    • email
    • phone numbers
    • name
    • location
    • gender
  • "View" role for the "Company Configuration Integration" Web Service

    • locationCode
    • city, state, zip
    • description
    • active
  • "View" role for the "Employee Person Details" Web Service

    • full name
    • address
    • email - (we use this if email doesn't exist on user)
    • username
    • phone number
  • "View" role for the "Employee Job History Details" Web Service.

  • "View" role for the "Employee Contacts" Web Service.

  • "View" role for the "Employee Job” Web Service.

  • "View" role for the "Employee Employment Information” Web Service.

  • "View" role for the "Employee Phone Information” Web Service.

  • Optional - "View" role for the "PTO Plan Integration" Web Service.

  • Optional - "View" role for the "User Defined Fields" Web Service.


To set up:

  • Add a new Service Account

  • Make the username Workshop with a capital w and the email

  • Generate the password

  • Input the API key, Login (API) URL, username and password into Workshop’s UKG integration app on our site:


  • Check permission boxes inside UKG