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How to create a static Workshop list

To create a new list of contacts to send announcements to, follow the steps below.

  1. Hover over "People" in the top navigation bar and select "Lists."
  2. Click the button in the top right that says "Create new list."
  3. Give the list a name and description (example: Omaha office, Employees who work in our Omaha, Nebraska office).
  4. Add people to your lists using the manual option
  5. Import CSV of people to include in your list. Here's more details about uploading CSVs. You can also add people individually by selecting the names of each person you would like to add to the list. You can use the search functionality to find specific users as well.

Creating a list manually only allows you to add people that already exist in your Directory. Be sure that your Directory contains everyone you want to be included in your list.

That's it! Workshop autosaves your work, so no extra Save button to worry about. Your new list will be instantly available to send out updates to when you create your next email.

Editing static Workshop lists

You can also use a CSV to update and edit a list that had been previously created. To do so follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the lists page

2. Find the list you wish to edit in the list and click on it

3. Click the 3 dots button in the right-hand corner and select "Import from CSV"

4. Drag and drop OR click to browse to your file location of the list into the box that appears and select "Finish Import"