CyberGraph in Mimecast

This document will help walk to through how to create a bypass policy for the CyberGraph service within Mimecast

  • Log in to your Mimecast administration console
  • Select Administration, then select Services, then CyberGraph

Set the policy details

  • Click Create New Policy
  • In the Name field, type Workshop Bypass (or whatever else will help identify this policy)
  • In the Dynamic Banners section, select Disabled
  • In the Trackers section, select Disabled
  • Enable Policy Override

Select who the policy applies to

  • In the Send and Recipient Rule section:
    • Set From to Everyone
    • Set To to Everyone
  • In the Source IP Ranges section input the following IP ranges:


Review and create the policy

  • Verify Policy Status is Enabled
  • Review policy for accuracy
  • Click Create Policy



That's it! 🎉 You've configured Mimecast to allow emails sent using Workshop to bypass CyberGraph tracking removal. Please reach out to Workshop support if further assistance is needed.