GDPR settings overview

At Workshop, we're deeply committed to employee privacy and proud to provide best-in-class products and an exceptional commitment to security. Read more about our optional GDPR settings.

Workshop's privacy and GDPR compliance tooling actively safeguards against the collection and analysis of any potential PII associated with email open and link click tracking, analytics, and survey responses.

To facilitate the best analytics experience possible given these constraints, Workshop's tracking generates random, anonymous, and unique IDs for email opens, link tracking, and survey responses.

Workshop uses this anonymized information to track metrics like unique open percentage rate and expose total email open rate, but does not possess any means technically possible to associate anonymous ID activity back to an individual employee.

If this optional GDPR setting is enabled for an organization, all engagement data will be fully anonymized. Workshop takes additional measures to ensure that geolocation information such as IP addresses are not logged or associated with anonymized IDs.

If you're interested in enabling this optional GDPR setting for your organization, please reach out to us at