How to add the MS Teams integration in Workshop

If your Workshop plan allows, follow the instructions below to enable email cross-posting to MS Teams.

Under “Manage” select “Apps” 

Select the MS Teams app from the app gallery (listed in alphabetical order)

Select “Add App”

Go to your MS Teams app & under the channel you want to configure, select the three dots on the upper right hand corner. Then select the “Connectors” option.

Select “Incoming Webhook” option and select “Configure”

You must first install Webhooks as a connector for teams, which can be done in the same UI

Name your webhook. (Please note this is the name that will appear anytime something is posted in the Teams channel from Workshop). Then select “Configure”.

Copy the URL shown. 

  1. Go back to Workshop > “Manage” > “Apps” 
  2. Select MS Teams App and go to the “Manage” tab 
  3. Add a new Channel
  4. Enter in the Channel Name and Paste the URL from the previous step

Repeat this for as many Channels as you’d like to configure.