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How to bypass the spam folder using Exchange mail flow rules

Follow the steps below to create a mail flow rule to bypass spam filtering in Outlook.

  1. In the new EAC at https://admin.exchange.com, go to Mail flow > Rules. Or, to go directly to the Rules page, use https://admin.exchange.microsoft.com/#/transportrules.

  2. On the Rules page, create the rule by using one of the following options:

    • To create a rule from a template, select Add a rule Add Icon. and select a template from the dropdown list.
    • To create a new rule from scratch, select Add a rule Add Icon. > Create a new rule.
  3. The new rule wizard opens. On the Set rule conditions page, enter a unique name for the rule in the Name box

  4. Select apply this rule if "The message headers" and "matches these text patterns" from the 2 drop down menus. The header pattern will be 'X-Workshop-Safelist-key' along with the safelist key provided in your onboarding document, alternatively, this can be provided from Workshop support. 
  5. In the "Do the following" prompt, select "Modify the message properties" and "set the spam confidence level (SCL)" from the drop down menus, and Set the spam confidence level (SCL) to '-1'
  6. Select 'Next'SCL bypass new 1
  7. In the rule settings select: "Enforce" for Rule mode, 'Not Specified' for Severity, Activate this rule on today's date, and select 'Header' from the 'Match sender address in message' dropdown menu. 
  8. Select 'Next'scl new bypass 2
  9. Select 'Finish'scl new bypass 3-1
  10. You have finished creating a mailflow exception that will allow Workshop emails to bypass the spam folders for your Exchange environment