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How to configure Microsoft Defender for Office365 to allow Workshop email delivery

If your organization uses Microsoft Defender for Office365, follow the steps below to configure a Microsoft mail flow rule to skip Safe Links Processing.

If Microsoft Defender for Office 365 Safe Links Processing is enabled, Microsoft Defender will follow all links including tracking pixels in emails sent from Workshop which will cause your open and click rates to record higher than reality.

This can be addressed by adding a Microsoft Exchange Mail Flow Rule which disables Microsoft Defender.

Your rule will look like this:

Workshop will pass in the header X-Workshop-Safelist-Key  - contact your Workshop Account Manager to receive the corresponding value for your account to be entered here.

Then, set the header X-MS-Exchange-Organization-SkipSafeLinksProcessing to a a value of 1.

Once this rule has propagated, Microsoft Defender will cease to follow Workshop links and your analytics will record as intended.