How to export analytics

Workshop gives you the ability to download any email’s analytics. Share beautifully designed reports with your team and leadership.


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You can download reports in three places within Workshop. 

  1. Pull a report of an individual email’s performance. This is a great option if you want to see how one single email performed and share those results. You can download a PDF or CSV version of the analytics included for a single email. 
  2. You can pull a batch of emails by date under the “Email” tab. Select the “Export CSV” option and select a date range you wish to pull from. This will email you a CSV copy of analytics on all emails within that date range. 
  3. The final place to download a report is under the “Campaigns” tab. Select the campaign you wish to report on, and click on the download button to get a CSV report on that campaign of emails. 

In addition to exported reports in Workshop, you will also receive a weekly and monthly summary report from Workshop outlining your top emails and some other data insights!

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