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How to deliver mail to the Focused inbox using Exchange mail flow rules

Follow the steps below to configure an Exchange mail flow that will put the ...focus... back on your content!

  • Log in to the Exchange Admin Center
  • Expand Mail Flow > Click on Rules
  • Select Add a ruleCreate a new rule:


  • Recreate the rule below:


  • Name
    • Workshop Forced Focus (or whatever is appropriate for your organization)
  • Apply this rule if
    • The message headers...
    • matches these text patterns
      • X-Workshop-Safelist-Key 
      • If you are unsure where to find your X-Workshop-Safelist-Key value, please reach out to your Account Manager or help@useworkshop.com for assistance
  • Do the following
    • Modify the message properties
    • set a message header
      • X-MS-Exchange-Organization-BypassFocusedInbox
      • true
  • Select Next


  • Verify Enforce is enabled
  • Verify that Activate this rule on is enabled with an accurate date
  • Select Next


  • Review your rule > select Finish


That's it! Workshop mail will now be redirected to the Focused Inbox automagically 🎉