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How to manage synced Google lists in Workshop

To manage your synced lists using the Active and Hidden tabs, follow the steps below.

During technical onboarding, we'll connect your Google directory which will sync your directory and distribution lists (Google groups) to Workshop. After the initial sync is complete, you can manage and categorize which lists you want to use for email sending from our platform. Workshop syncs and refreshes your directory and distribution list data every two hours. 

Getting Started

  1. Head to the Lists page in the Workshop platform - navigate to People tab > Lists.
    1. Hidden: When lists sync into Workshop, all lists will appear in the Hidden tab by default. This allows you to keep all of the unnecessary lists you don't intend to send messages to out of view, but they'll remain synced and updated from your originating sync source.
    2. Active: Any lists in Active status are available to send email to. Active lists are dual purposed as you can also use active lists to filter your email analytics.  

Activating hidden lists

  1. Navigate to the Hidden tab to look for distribution lists you'd like to send email to. Search for or sort to find all lists, then check the box next to the list(s) you would like to make Active. 
  2. Select Unhide in the pop-up message at the bottom of the screen, the list(s) will then move to the Active tab. Now that it's active, you or other Workshop users can now send emails to this list or filter email analytics by list.
  3. Active lists can be re-hidden at any time through the same pattern.