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How to personalize your emails with mail merge

Workshop's mail merge tool allows you to personalize any message to your organization. Read more to learn about merge tags and how to use them.

Mail merge is currently offered on all Enhanced and Premium plans. If you're interested in personalizing emails within your organization, get in touch with us at sales@useworkshop.com!


Employee attribute details like first name, location, or title can be inserted into any text block within the Workshop email editor to create a personalized message to individuals at your organization. 

Available employee attributes to include are heavily dependent upon the employee data that syncs into Workshop. If your organization uses automatic lists synced from an HR provider like ADP, Workday, UKG or Oracle, you likely have multiple employee attribute fields that can be used as a merge tag. If you're syncing with an email source like Microsoft ActiveDirectory or Google Workspace, the available fields may be limited to the employee's first name, last name and email address.

A few common ways to use merge tags in your emails:

  • Create a warm greeting with a salutation, "Hey [first name]"
  • Confirm employee's personal information like their [office location] or [address] so you can send them physical goods or confirm their home office location
  • Congratulate them on a work anniversary by pulling in their [employment start date]


  1. To insert a merge tag, first create a new email or open a current draft.
  2. Add or edit a text content block, and you'll find the Merge tag option within the expanded text block bar. 

  3.  Select the field you want to add. Add the fallback text - this will be used instead of the personal information if the field is blank for an individual.
  4. To preview the resulting message, view your email in Preview mode from the email editor. In Preview, the Workshop user writing the message will see their personal information populating, but the end result for the email recipient will display their own information. 

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  5. Send your message! 🎉  

Merge tags is just one of the many ways Workshop allows you to create and send impactful and engaging employee communications.

Get in touch with the team if you have any questions about this feature!