How to set up an SFTP Integration to Workshop

This article will help you establish an SFTP connection from your HRIS provider to Workshop, allowing you to sync your employee contacts and lists.

Workshop's SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) integration will allow you to sync data from HRIS providers such as ADP, Oracle, Workday, Paylocity, UKG and more. By integrating in this way, your employee data and distribution lists will sync over to Workshop on a cadence of your choosing (we recommend every 24 hours).

In your HRIS provider, you will need to configure the data that you would like to send to Workshop. At a bare minimum, we require four data fields:

  1. Employee ID: This is a unique identifier tied to each employee in your HRIS provider.
  2. Email: Your employee's email. Make sure this is their work email ( ) and not their personal email to ensure email deliverability.
  3. First name: Employee's first or given name
  4. Last name: Employee's last or surname

These column headers should be formatted in the data using lower_snake_case, shown below:

id, email, first_name, last_name

Follow the steps below to configure your SFTP Integration

  1. Visit Workshop's App Library
  2. Select the SFTP App and click "Add App" if you haven't already
  3. Navigate to the SFTP Manage Tab, which will display your SFTP credentialsScreen Shot 2022-07-21 at 2.47.24 PM
  4. Add this information to your provider's export settings.
  5. In your provider, configure your data export to include the four required attributs listed above.
  6. Add any additional attributes of data you'd like to sync over to Workshop.

    Some of the more common additional columns include: mobile number, job title, department, location, start date, birth date, employment status / classification fields (supervisor, manager, part time/full time, et al).

    These additional attributes will enable more advanced list creation with Automatic lists as well as filtering of engagement data within Workshop. Add any attributes you think are relevant and you would like to be able to use as constraints within Automatic Lists.

If you'd like to see an example CSV containing some sample data you can find that here: