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How to personalize your emails with audience segmentation

Target content to different recipient groups within a single email with Workshop's audience segmentation. Learn more about this feature and how to personalize your emails below.


Audience segmentation allows you to send targeted and relevant messages to specific groups of your employees.

Your organization might send an all-company newsletter to all employees today, but you'd like to add a "Managers Only" section that only they receive. Or maybe you're an organization with multiple locations (or a remote work team) and want to share location-specific logistics to those teams. With audience segmentation you can send one email, but target specific content to sub-groups of your total audience. 

Check out our blog post to dream and scheme even more ways to use this powerful tool. 

Once you've sent your email, Workshop takes you one step further and segments your email analytics by these targeted groups. You can see down to the recipient level how each group is engaging with your targeted content! 

Audience segmentation is currently offered on Enhanced and Premium plans. If you're interested in personalizing content within your emails, get in touch with your Workshop Account Manager or sales@useworkshop.com.

How to use Audience Segmentation

  1. To target a sub group within your email's total audience, first create a new email or open a current draft. 
  2. Add or edit the row of content you want to segment by selecting the row in the email editor and within the Row content properties, select Row audience segmentation.

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  3. Name the section and select the targeted audience from your existing Lists that are synced from your data source (Azure AD, Google, HRIS provider, et al). You can select multiple lists if this section should be seen by more than one group. 

    CleanShot 2023-02-22 at 18.54.51

  4. Before you send your email, carefully review all your content, including segmented audience content. 

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  5. Send your email! 🎉

Pro tip: to test how a specific recipient will experience the email with any personalized content, use our test email option and select which person you'd like to receive the test email as. 

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