Message Sanitization in Mimecast

If your organization uses Mimecast, it may 'sanitize' erroneous characters that are crucial to the appearance of HTML based email, resulting in odd characters in the email's body copy. Follow this guide to bypass this policy.

If your emails contain odd characters in the body copy, including this question mark symbol questionmark follow the steps below. 

  • Log in to your Mimecast administration console
  • Select Administration, then select Gateway, then Policies
  • Scroll down and select Message Sanitization


  • Click New Policy
  • In the Policy Narrative field, type Workshop IP Permit (Or whatever else will help track this policy.)
  • In the Select Option field, select Take No Action

Emails From

  • In the Addresses Based On field, select The Return Address
  • In the Applies From field, select External Addresses

Emails To

  • In the Applies To field, select Internal Addresses


  • In the Enable/Disable field, select Enable
  • In the Set Policy as Perpetual field, ensure the policy is set to Always On
  • In the Policy Override field, check the box (This overrides the default order that policies are applied. If there are multiple applicable policies, this policy is applied first unless more specific policies of the same type are configured with an override.)
  • In the Source IP Ranges, input Workshop's delivery server IP addresses:
  • Select Save and Exit

You've configured Mimecast to allow emails sent using Workshop to bypass Message Sanitization. Reach out to Workshop support if any further assistance is needed.