Whitelisting Workshop IPs in Mimecast

To ensure that all emails created and sent through Workshop pass through Mimecast, your email security appliance, we need you to whitelist our IP addresses. Workshop uses SendGrid to deliver our emails, these IPs come directly from them

Here's how to complete this configuration:

  1. Log into your Mimecast administration console
  2. Click on Administration, then select Gateway, then Policies
  3. Scroll down and select Permitted Senders
  4. Click New Policy

    Options Section

  5. In the Policy Narrative field, type Workshop IP Permit
  6. In the Permitted Sender Policy field, select Permit Sender

    Emails From Section

  7. In the Addresses Based On field, select The Return Address (Email Envelope From)
  8. In the Applies From field, select Internal Addresses

     Emails To Section

  9. In the Applies To field, select Internal Addresses

    Validity Section

  10. Check the box for Policy Override, this ensures that all emails sent through Workshop are delivered, regardless of other policies
  11. In the Source IP Ranges box, enter the following IP ranges:

    Finishing Up

  12. Click Save and Exit

Congrats! You've configured Mimecast to allow emails sent using Workshop to be received properly by all of your employees!