How to safelist Workshop for email open & link tracking

Workshop's platform contains analytics tooling which empowers our customers with valuable knowledge about how employees engage with internal communications.

To facilitate this tooling, Workshop uses employs two methods for data collection:

1. A 1x1 invisible pixel is placed at the bottom of an email which is used to track an email open event and to understand the type of device that opened the email.

2. Link redirect tracking -- all links embedded in an email are rewritten to a redirect url that will count the number of times a link has been clicked.

If you utilize email security services such as ProofPoint or Barracuda Email Security Gateway, Workshop recommends explicitly safelisting the two domains that we use to accomplish this function. Both domains are fully served over TLS 1.2 or greater and have HSTS Preloading enabled and fully embedded in browser distributions.

The two domains to include in your safelist are: