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How to configure Microsoft ActiveDirectory SAML SSO

Workshop allows you to set up SAML SSO with Azure ActiveDirectory. View the instructions below to add this capability for your organization.

  • Create a new non-gallery application and give it a unique, recognizable name 
  • When the setup is completed, you will automatically be redirected to the landing page for that application
  • Assign users and groups to the application

Users/Groups added here will be the only users allowed to access Workshop

  • Return to the `Overview` page and set up single sign on (SAML)
  • Edit the SAML Certificate Options
  • For signing option, choose "Sign SAML response and assertion" and select save 
  • Copy the App Federation Metadata URL from Azure

  • In Workshop, begin the SSO setup Workflow. Settings>SSO>Add SAML
  • In the IdP metadata URL box, paste the App Federation Metadata URL from Azure and select `Create SSO`
  • Scroll down to the three boxes under Service Provider Configuration and copy/paste the SP configuration URLs into Azure

  • In Azure, under Basic Configuration copy and paste the 3 URLs in the order given, the rest can be left blank:
    • Entity ID/Trust identifier URL ➡️ Identifier (Entity ID)
    • Assertion Customer Service (ACS) URL ➡️ Reply URL (Assertion Consumer Service URL)
    • Service Provider Login URL ➡️ Sign on URL 

  • Back in Workshop, Perform a test login in order to active SAML SSO. Once SAML is enabled, it will restrict user/password logins and all users will be required to use SSO in order to log in.