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How to: Surveys

This article will go over how to add a survey to an email, as well as all of our survey variations and how to view survey results.

  • To add a survey to an email, drag the "Survey" content type into a row:

  • Once the survey is added, you can click "Edit survey" to gain access to the following features:

    • You can edit the name of the survey:

    • You can enable comments, and provide the option for those comments to be anonymous:


    • We have multiple survey variations:

    • Including a comment box:

Note: The "Suggestion Box" survey option will only appear if "Enable Comments" is enabled.

The "Button label" option only appears when "Suggestion Box" is the selected survey type.


  • Reviewing survey feedback
    • From the Dashboard, click on "Email" then scroll down to the sent email with a survey attached.
    • Scroll down to the "Engagement Overview" and click on the "Survey" tab in the top left:


Note: If surveys are set to "Make responses anonymous" names will be removed from comments