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How to configure Workshop's trusted URLs in Microsoft InTune

Workshop makes it easy to add images into your emails to make them more interesting, as well as uses images for open-tracking and analytics. In order to ensure that both of these features work properly, follow the steps below.

  1.  Log into your Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center
  2. Click Devices > Configuration profiles > Create profile
  3. For Platform select Windows 10 or later, and for Profile type select Templates > Administrative templates
  4. Click Create
  5.  Choose an accurate name and description (example below) and click Next
  6.  Navigate to Computer Configuration > Windows Components > Internet Explorer > Internet Control Panel > Security Page and select Site to Zone Assignment List
  7.  Select Enabled and enter each of the following URLs as names with a value of 2 (Trusted Sites)
    1. https://workshop-email-content.com/
    2. https://workshop-email-tracking.com/  

  8. Click Ok  and Next
  9. Configure Scope Tags and User/Group Assignments to your needs
  10. Review and Create your configuration profile

Congrats! All email content and tracking should now be configured for all of your employees