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How to upload email recipients in Workshop

Import new employee contacts, or update existing contact information with Workshop's CSV upload tool.

Workshop allows for full flexibility in managing your email recipients list with our CSV uploader. Upload your entire employee contact list or enhance already-synced contacts to personalize your emails in Workshop with ease. This tool can serve as the main method to add your email contacts to the platform, or as a supplement to your data syncing source like MS ActiveDirectory, Google, Workday, et al. Follow these steps to add or edit your existing email recipients in Workshop:
  1. Log in to Workshop and go to People tab > Directory.
  2. Select Import on the top right-hand side of the page.
  3. Follow the steps to upload your CSV file, and review your uploaded fields for accuracy.
  4. Select Finish import, then view your contacts in your Directory! 🎉

Uploading here will add new contacts to your directory, or edit an existing contact's information. If you want to create a new distribution list through uploading, follow these instructions

Custom fields

The CSV uploader allows you to import your own custom fields in addition to a recipient's contact information. Required fields for uploading a new contact are first_name, last_name and email. In addition, you can create custom fields that will also be added to the email recipient's contact record in Workshop when uploaded. Please note the following about formatting any custom fields:

  • If the contact you're uploading already exists in your directory, this upload will not duplicate the record, but will replace it with the new information in your CSV.
  • Attributes with no data in the custom field of your CSV will clear out any attribute details that should not be available in Workshop long term. To clear any previously populated fields, upload a new list with the same column present, and each field will zero out with that data removed.
  • All Date/Time fields must be formatted in ISO 8601 and Unix to display correctly. ie.: 
    • ISO8601: 2023-01-03T15:50:28+00:00
    • Unix Epoc: 1672761028

Why would I upload more than the basic contact information for my email recipients?

Personalizing employee emails is easier than ever with Workshop's custom field uploader. Once you have more information uploaded, you can use it in a few incredible ways: 

  • Custom uploaded fields become merge tags that can be used to personalize employee emails. For example, you uploaded a tshirt_size field for your employees. You can now send an all company email that will personalize the employee's shirt size choice to confirm you have the right information. Read more about merge tags here!
  • Use the newly uploaded custom fields to create automatic lists via our advanced list builder.

Automatic lists feature is currently offered on Premium plans. If you're interested in personalizing emails within your organization, get in touch with us at sales@useworkshop.com or contact your Account Manager!