Why Are My Emails Clipped in Gmail?

Workshop ensures your internal emails will be flawlessly delivered to your employees' inboxes (no spam filtering!), and will look great when they are delivered. But sometimes Gmail will clip an image or some of the content of an email.

Here are a few reasons why and how to make sure it doesn’t happen:

Your email is too large

Gmail limits its emails to 102KB. If an email is larger than that, the content will have a “View entire message” link. 

How do you prevent this? 

  • Cut any unnecessary content: Review your content and remove extra fluff or unneeded info. Consider putting content online and linking to it from the email, or split the email into multiple messages in one campaign. 
  • Delete images: Changing the size of an image actually won’t change the size of the email, but deleting an image from an email will reduce the message size.
  • Remove extra code: There may be hidden formatting code in your email if you copy content from another source. Try copying the content again and then paste it as plain text into your Workshop email. 

Multiple test-sends with similar content or subject lines

When you send multiple test emails to Gmail, it will combine them into one long email string and clip the content. This won’t happen with the final resulting email to recipients that did not receive test emails, but it makes test emails difficult to view.

How do you prevent this?

  • Use different subject lines: Change the subject line each time you send a new test email. Even adding “v1” or “v2” to the end will prevent clipping.
  • Send to different addresses: Workshop lets you send test emails to any individual email address in your domain. Send each test to a different email address to make sure nothing is clipped. Pro tip: view each test email on a computer screen and a mobile app to ensure it looks right!