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FAQ: Sharing and Privacy

Check out some of the most common questions and tips for our sharing and privacy options.

Where did my email (or campaign, or template) go? 

If you had access to content that you no longer are able to find in your dashboard, it's likely that the sharing settings have been updated. Workshop's sharing and privacy settings are incredibly flexible and can be updated by the owner or another user with access. 
An owner cannot be removed from access by anyone but themselves.
If you're missing something in your dashboard view, check internally with the owner or your team so they can share access with you.  

What happens if I share a Campaign with a user or group?

Campaigns can be shared with all Workshop users (with the general access setting) or with specific users or groups. Sharing a campaign will also allow users access to all the emails contained within the campaign.

This is an easy way to broadly share campaign-level metrics or groups of emails with a team or individuals. 

If I share a template with a group or individual users, will they have access to email drafts created from that template? 

No, templates can be shared with users or groups, but email drafts created from the template will remain private to the original author until they choose to share it with other users or groups, or to open the template up to General Access.

Who can create and edit groups?

Workshop users with Full Access and Admin level permissions are able to create and edit groups. Users with Limited Access are not able to create or edit groups. If you're interested in user level permissions, reach out to your Account Manager! Here's more information about user permissions at Workshop

Can I invite new team members to Workshop so they can collaborate?

Absolutely! Workshop is built to support multiple departments and teams. You're able to invite new team members to the platform at any time. While your pricing plan likely comes with user limits, we won't get in your way of getting work done. If you're consistently using more user seats than your plan allows, your Account Manager will work with you to make sure you have what you need. Additional users can be added to an account at any time and are reasonably priced. 

What can I share and make private in Workshop?

Sharing and privacy settings can be applied to all content in Workshop. We define content as emails - drafted or sent, campaigns, and templates. You'll find the share option for each of these in your dashboard.

Can users be in multiple groups?

Yes! We've optimized this workflow to support how teams collaborate. It's a good idea to create groups for teams, departments, or access level users that regularly work on content together. For that reason, one user may need to be in multiple groups.